Trevor Price is currently the Vice President of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers whose home is the Bankside Gallery in central London. He works from studios in Bermondsey/London and St. Ives/Cornwall.

He was born in 1966 and grew up in Cornwall. He studied Printmaking at Falmouth and then Winchester School of Art. On leaving college he found work in a London etching studio, with this being a hugely important time, learning the skills of professional printmaking in the way of an old fashioned apprenticeship.

On returning to Cornwall, Trevor based himself in St. Ives. Then in his mid twenties, and with the artistic influences of St. Ives, his work began to change and develop. Trevor has since returned to London, but has maintained the St.Ives base, from where he also still works.

The Cornwall, and chiefly St. Ives connection, naturally comes through in Trevor’s work. He spends a lot of time in St. Ives drawing the surroundings. Understandably artists with a St. Ives connection, such as Ben Nicholson and William Scott, have a large influence on his work. Other artists that influence him include Picasso, Henry Moore, Elizabeth Frink and Cecil Collins.

Trevor’s subject matter in some way is a reflection of his life. Some of the pieces are about the intimacy between a couple, and others show the normal obsessions of any man.

Trevor describes himself as an artist/printmaker, and not just an artist. It is the opportunity to experiment and the diversity of technique that draws him to the medium. Printmaking can be as simple as making some scratches on a piece of metal and inking those grooves and the burr they create (drypoint), to highly sophisticated multi-plate etchings. Variations/experimentation in printmaking can be endless. At the moment most of his figurative prints are drypoints of one form or another, usually on zinc or perspex. The images using perspex are made by drawing on the surface with a soldering iron, and then printing from those marks.

Trevor exhibits widely throughout Europe and regularly holds solo exhibitions of his paintings as well as original prints. His work is held in numerous collections including the Bank of England, Yale University U.S.A and P&O.

Trevor has won several national printmaking awards, and is an active member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. He has also on several occasions been an invited selector for the National Printmaking Exhibition held at the Mall Galleries in London