I have a fascination with Shakespeare’s plays and find that they provide me
with endless sources of inspiration. ‘All the World’s a Stage II’ depicts
Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre circa 1600 and the bard himself is on the
street desperately trying to keep hold of the scripts for his two lost plays
‘Cardenio’ and ‘Love’s Labour’s Won’. There are references which are
either obvious or quite cryptic to all 37 of his existing plays. I have included
the swan for my friend Jane Arrowsmith who told me that one flew over the
rebuilt Globe Theatre during its first performance.
‘O for a Muse of Fire’ is a 26 plate homage to William Shakespeare done
in the manner of an Edward Lear alphabet (hence my not missing an
opportunity to include an animal). I was writing 'Intaglio - a guide to
traditional printmaking techniques' for the publisher A & C Black while I
was working on this print and included an example of every one of the
techniques described.

A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!

A Map of Shakespeare's London

Exit, pursued by a bear

All The World's a Stage II O for a Muse of Fire

Shakespeare in Love

All the World's a Stage

The Globe Theatre c.1599

The Globe's Cat Cleo


Romeo and Juliet

Much Ado About Nothing

Exit, Pursued by a Bear

Richard II


Richard III

Ariel Prospero

Miranda and Ferdinand

The Great Globe Itself

If Music be the Food of Love, Play on Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on

O Brave New World

Titania Oberon Bottom Puck

Peaseblossom Cobweb Moth

Mustard Seed

The Scottish Play

Every Inch a King

Caliban Othello

We That are True Lovers
Run into Strange Capers

Midsummer Night Dream

A Snapper-Up of Unconsidered Trifles

The Melancholy Dane


Her Infinite Variety

His Captains Heart

As You Like It

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