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Mile End Road Mural by Mychael Barratt. Painted by Mychael Barratt, James Glover and Nicholas Middleton.

In early 2011, I was approached by Anthony Edwards senior partner of the law firm T V Edwards to come along to his offices on the Mile End Road, London E1 to have a look at an external wall that he thought would be perfect for a mural. The street has been coined 'High Street 2012' because of its proximity and importance to the 2012 Summer Olympics. The brief was simply to create some public art that suited the location and had some references to the firm that had been established by Anthony's uncle in 1929. I did some research in the area and found that a plethora of famous and infamous people had come from, lived in or passed through the area over the years. Combine this with some wonderful and important buildings from the Mile End and Whitechapel Roads and you will have the building blocks for the Mile End Road Mural. I have included a few photos here and a link to a more comprehensive album on facebook.

You can see a photo album of the mural on facebook by clicking on this link:

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