Life Imitating Art VIII

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Life Imitating Art VIII - Key

1 Stanley Spencer, The Bathing Pool
2 Giacomo Balla, Dynamism of a dog on a lead
3 Lucien Freud, Double Portrait
4 Georges Seurat, Sunday Afternoon on the Grand Jatte
5 Paula Rego, Snare
6 Georges Seuart, Bathers at Asnieres
7 William Hogarth, Self portrait
8 Edward Hopper, Cape Cod Evening
9 Jan Van Eyck, Arnolfini Wedding
10 Lucien Freud, Triple Portrait
11 Pierre Bonnard, Female nude in the bathtub
(this is one of the Daschunds in front of David Hockney)
12 David Hockney, Self portrait (with his dogs)