Suppliers: UK
Hunter Penrose (London) Print supplies including Litho Inks, Turps Cans, Ball Racks etc.
Intaglio Printmaker (London) All printmaking supplies, for me: lino, paper, Inks and Tools
John Purcell Paper. (London) All trypes of paper, a wonderful selection. also Tubes and Card, tissue etc.
wonderful service!
T.N Lawrence and sons. Good mail order servise online catelogue, all print supplies including relief tools and rollers
Suppliers: Australia.
Melbourne Etching Supplies: Big selection of everything you can think of including paper, lino, tools presses etc.
A good mail order service Australia wide.
Modbury Engineering. Press moving and servicing. Chris Holiday phone:01329 841000
Bankside Gallery ,London. Home of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers(RE) Membership by selection,
( next RE elections in Feb 2007) Very active society with annual exhibitions and membership benefits. The Gallery
has a friends group with lectures visits and discounts, and a full program of exhibitions .
"Printmaking Today". Quarterly magazine packed with Printmaking information both UK and International, published by Cello Press.
Print Council of Australia. Open membership for all printmakers and collectors. Quarterly magazine " Imprint", all Australian
news with some international content.
Gallery: Beaver Galleries, Canberra Australia. Represent me there and stock my recent work.
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