YEN by Anna Jordan
Manchester Royal Exchange Studio
Director Ned Bennett
Lighting Elliot Griggs
Sound/Composition Giles Thomas
Movement Polly Bennett
Photos Jonathan Keenan

***** “It’s rare for a play to encompass such extremes of violence and tenderness; and the intensity is further
enhanced by the dark symbolism of Ned Bennett’s production. Though we never see the dog, the callous
treatment of a defenceless, two-bar radiator leaves you wondering if there’s a number you can ring for the
prevention of cruelty to electrical equipment.” The Guardian

***** “Georgia Lowe’s sparse but effective set gives the play a voyeuristic feel. We stand on the same grotty
carpet, and we inhale the stench of stale smoke and fish fingers.” The Good Review

“Bennett has reunited his Pomona dream team (or should that be nightmare team). Georgia Lowe’s set is like a
jungle gym of rusted metal, unsettlingly floodlit by Elliott Griggs. Giles Thomas’ ominous pulsing music adds to
the effect.” Exeunt magazine

“Georgia Lowe’s design has thick black ropes tethering Playstation controllers and a keyboard (doubling as a
swing) robustly to the set. A sofa bed is half- made at one end of the flat and a bank of spotlights pulses to life
as the flickering of a TV.” Cultural Shenanigans

***** “The two brothers Hench and Bobbie are loaded with testosterone, reminding us of caged monkeys as we
take our seats in the studio, they climb the scaffolding and swing from ropes, making the most of Georgia
Lowe‘s highly effective set design.” Upstaged Manchester