TITUS ANDRONICUS by William Shakespeare
Bold Tendencies Peckham Car Park
Director Pia Furtado
Lighting Gary Bowman
Choreography Temijin Gill
Beatboxing Bellatrix
Sound Andy Graham
Photos Tom Albrow

“Returning from Rome’s wars, Titus screeches up in a battered car with plastic-bound
bodies in the boot, while heirs to the imperial throne Saturninus and Bassianus bounce
in trainers around trailing mic cables as they battle for the title of Emperor. The London
skyline is a stunning territorial backdrop.” Bella Todd, Time Out

“The actors tear through the space with vigourous determination that is thrilling to
watch; the high- octane physicality of the three-hour long production often elicited
shrieks from the audience…this energetic and youthful production is enthralling.”
Rebecca Latham, A Younger Theatre

“The company’s multi-sensory storytelling methods capture the eeriness of the
unthinkable muddled alongside the ordinary, creating a sensation of discomfort and
anxiety at a world that currently seems overwhelmingly violent.”
Jessie Thompson, Exeunt Magazine

“Rome taking on an urban vibe, full of loud music and hooded, gold-chain-wearing
thugs…in a production that knows how to make a visual impact, has a real physical
swagger and genuinely demonstrates how the warrior mentality breeds revenge.”
Lynn Gardner, The Guardian