POMONA by Alistair McDowall
Orange Tree Theatre
Director Ned Bennett
Lighting Elliot Griggs
Sound/Composition Giles Thomas
Movement Polly Bennett
Fight Direction Pamela Donald

Photos Manuel Harlan
**** “Ned Bennett’s fast-paced production is the match of this sharp piece.
Georgia Lowe’s brilliant design is a huge dirty drain, a kind of sinkhole into which
all the characters have been washed. A clear contender for the most thrilling play
of the year.” Daisy Bowie-Sell, Time Out

**** “Alistair McDowall’s Pomona is a fierce dystopian drama with terrific comic edge.
Georgia Lowe’s effective design is unadorned and sordid: a sunken pit with, in the
middle, a terrible drain. At one point the whole floor is awash with blood.”
Susannah Clapp, The Guardian Observer

**** “Bennett creates the impression that everything is swirling around a drain in
the centre of the stage (which designer Georgia Lowe has made resemble a
grimy sink). It’s a perfect image of Pomona’s nightmarish allure and McDowall’s
power to suck us in.” Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard

“McDowall is well served by Ned Bennett’s brilliant production, which lends the
play’s imaginative wildness a surface plausibility. The hectic action takes place in
and around a sunken pit, designed by Georgia Lowe, that serves as seething city
centre, bizarre bordello, subterranean hospital and dice-filled game board.”
Michael Billington, The Guardian