POMONA by Alistair McDowall
National Theatre (Temporary Theatre)
Director Ned Bennett
Lighting Elliot Griggs
Composition/Sound Giles Thomas
Movement Direction Polly Bennett
Fight direction Pamela Donald

Photos Richard Davenport

***** “This is a visually stunning and thoroughly unsettling production, combining
great design from Georgia Lowe, a rumbling, tension-laden score and sound design from
Giles Thomas, and razor-sharp direction by Ned Bennett. A triumph for this riveting cast.” Whatsonstage

***** “…the befouled squalor of Georgia Lowe’s design…this enclosed hexagon of
concrete and metal creates the impression of a gladiatorial arena – a dystopian
battleground of granite and steel.” Lee Anderson, Exeunt

**** “Georgia Lowe’s set is a large heptagonal drain, an echo of the role-playing dice
that feature prominently in Ned Bennett’s murky, flickering, strip-lit production.
Thrillingly genre-literate exploration of all the dark things in the world we’ve learned not to see” The Stage

**** “Ned Bennett’s stark, stylish production” Andrzej Bukowski, Time Out

“Ned Bennett and designer Georgia Lowe spill this dark and twisted world beyond
the stage space. The production features an excellent team of both creatives and
cast…this is an original concept and a tight execution from a talented team.” Tasha Clare, A Younger Theatre

**** “Ned Bennett’s suspenseful, in-the-round production turns the play into a liveaction
role-playing game with characters throwing dice to determine their next move,
while designer Georgia Lowe’s circular arena becomes the playing board with a
central drain down which blood swills. The flickering neon strip lighting of Elliot
Griggs and menacing electronic score and urban sound effects of Giles Thomas add
much to the unsettling atmosphere.” Neil Dowden, Londonist

**** “Director Ned Bennett produces a pulsatingly visceral production dominated by
the octopus-head Cthulhu and a sloping, grilled drain that, like a spinning roulette or
a cosmic black hole, sucks the life out of anyone who comes near.” Reviewsgate