FAR AWAY by Caryl Churchill
Young Vic, The Clare
JMK Award Winner 2014
Director Kate Hewitt
Lighting Guy Hoare
Sound/ Composition Tom Mills
Producer Ros Terry
Photos Katharine Leedale

“Hewitt and designer Georgia Lowe use their scant resources slyly- a series of well-hidden trapdoors
and other devices unleash a small torrent of coups de théâtre – in particular the mass execution
scene, disarmingly fully realised.” Andrzej Lukowski, Time Out

“With designer Georgia Lowe, Hewitt finds an ingenious, haunting way to stage the ghastly parade of
hats without a cast of hundreds.” Lynn Gardner, The Guardian

“A production bursting with strong images and nerve-wracking tension…Georgia Lowe’s design is
simple and clever, with the traverse stage forcing an uncomfortable intimacy between the audience
and the work.” A Younger Theatre

“Hewitt delivers her coup de grâce in Georgia Lowe’s design with an innovation of thrilling simplicity
but utterly chilling meaning.” Ought to be Clowns

“…the show's inevitably stolen by Georgia Lowe's design. The raised thrust stage hides trapdoors,
hydraulics and other surprises that bring the nightmare world to life. The show's centrepiece is the
parade the elaborate hats are designed for, that wows with its innovative staging in the restrictive
space, while at the same time managing to be the most chilling moment of the play.”
Partially Obstructed View