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Anita Klein | Everyday Divinity - British Art Fair 2022
Outdoor Swimmer magazine - Ella Foote - October 2020 - pdf
Article by Ella Foote for
"Finding joy in the everyday" - Janice Walker speaks to artist Anita Klein. Essex Life 2017
Anita Klein Full Circle - by Lisa Takahashi 2015
Anita Klein: Im celebrating my precious little family unit' - Adrian Mourby, The Guardian 2015
Simplicity that really isn't simple: Anita Klein - Amanda Kendal, August 2014
Transcript of a talk about Beauty in art, given to clients of Eames Fine Art, December 2013
"Simply Profound, The Art of Anita Klein" by Richard Noyce for Art Concoction and Art Review India. 2012
Anita Klein's linocuts by Vincent Eames, introduction to catalogue 2012
Interview with Anita Klein for Pure Arts book 2011
Anita Klein's London Paintings by Vincent Eames: introduction to catalogue 2011
Introduzione (tradotto in italiano) al libro "Italian Angels" scritto da Maia Swift, la figlia di Anita, 2009
Introduction to the book, Italian Angels by Anita's daughter, Maia Swift, 2009
Anita Klein by Mel Gooding: introduction to catalogue 2006
Anita Klein by Nicola Upson: introduction to catalogue 2000